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10000mAh Wireless power bank

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Wireless charger power bank 2 in 1


Color :black white

Batteries capacity:10000mAh(MAX)

Input current:DC 5V 2A

Output current:2.1A/5.0V

Wireless output current:5W

LED lighting:0.5W

Wireless efficacy conversion:>70%

USB conversion efficiency:1A>93%,2A>88%

Product dimensions:148*71*11mm

Rated frequency:110-205KHz

Receiving distance:<10mm

Product weight:260g

Direct support: For Samsung notes/s6/s7  Z4V

Charging and discharging at the same time

Operating temperature less than 45 degrees


Supported devices:
for iPhone:
for iPhone 6S/6S plus --- (Extra Qi receiver needed, click to buy)
for iPhone SE   ---   (Extra Qi receiver needed, click to buy)
for iPhone 5C   ---   (Extra Qi receiver needed, click to buy)
for Samsung:
Note 5 --- Built-in
S6 --- Built-in
S6 Edge --- Built-in
S6 Edge Plus --- Built-in
S7   --- Built-in
S7   Edge--- Built-in
for Nokia:
for Lumia 735 --- Bulit-in
for Lumia 830   --- Built-in
for Lumia 920 --- Built-in
for Lumia 928   --- Built-in
for Lumia 930   --- Built-in
for Lumia 950   --- Built-in
for Lumia 950 Dual Sim   --- Built-in
for Lumia 950XL   --- Built-in
for Lumia 1520   --- Built-in
for HTC:
8X --- Built-in
Droid DNA --- Built-in
Thunderbold --- Built-in
for Google:
Nexus 4 --- Built-in
Nexus 5 --- Built-in
Nexus 6 --- Built-in
Nexus 6P --- Built-in
Nexus 7 --- Built-in
for LG:
G3   --- Built-in
G4   --- Built-in
Op  timus G Pro --- Built-in
for Motorola:
Droid Max   --- Built-in
Droid Mini     --- Built-in
Droid Turbo     --- Built-in
Watch 360    --- Built-in
for Sony:
Xperia Z3--- Built-in
Xperia Z3V   --- Built-in
Xperia z4V--- Built-in
BSP10   --- Built-in
for Other Android Phone:
for ASUS Padfonae 5   -Built-in
for Blackberry Z30 --- Built-in
for Blackberry Classic --- Built-in
for Cat CatPhone S50 --- Built-in
for Kyocera Hydro Elite   --- Built-in
for Kyocera Urbano L01   --- Built-in
for Kyocera Urbano L03   --- Built-in
for Kyocera Torque   --- Built-in
for Kyocera Torque G02   --- Built-in
for M.T.T Master      --- Built-in
for M.T.T Master 4G      --- Built-in
for Saygus V Squared      --- Built-in
for Techdy Basic Bear      --- Built-in
for Vertu Signature Touch      --- Built-in
for Yotaphone 2      --- Built-in
Note: For wireless charging if not Bulit-in model, your phone must have a Qi receiver.

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