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Reliable Performance If you’re looking for affordable and versatile bookshelf speakers with u..

13,500.00 TK

Overview Equipped with a microphone input and multiple connection ports, P308..

5,500.00 TK

Fully Featured Bookshelf Speakers. Most 2.1 systems include tiny satellite speakers an..

35,000.00 TK

Easy and Clean 2.1 Setup Edifier eleminates complications in setting up audio. Simply conne..

4,200.00 TK

The 2.1 speaker system features two full-range satellites. Tuned, calibrated and matched w..

3,650.00 TK

SubwooferM1360 2.1 speaker system brings together a set of upward-angled satellites and a downward..

2,650.00 TK

Simple configuration and modern design in its satellites. The subwoofer is made of MDF wood a..

2,000.00 TK

The Edifier R101V subwoofer uses a classic black color for an overall dignified and elegant appear..

1,950.00 TK

Stronger and richer Browsing the web for an up and coming star can be frustrating when your c..

1,550.00 TK

Compact, lightweight speakers Featuring a flat panel design and weighing only 550 grams, M125..

900.00 TK

Energy Efficient Design Edifier’s CineSound B1 is made for home and living room enterta..

7,000.00 TK

Unleash Your SensationsEdifier's B3 sound bar is loaded with four 70mm speaker units for rich lows..

11,500.00 TK

Home Entertainment Edifier has heighten your home theatre experience. Enhancing the..

21,000.00 TK

feature of product      Wooden Hi-Fi TV stereo with wireless subwoofer ..

32,200.00 TK

Overview Beautifully crafted in a modern and robust design, C2X is an ideal audio solutio..

0.00 TK
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